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Manuela Coci, PhD

Researcher in Aquatic Microbial Ecology


Address: Largo Tonolli 50, 28922 Verbania (Italy)

Phone: +39 0323 518 321

Fax: +39 0323 556 513

e-mail: m.coci(at)ise.cnr.it

M. Coci



Research topics

- Nitrogen Cycle
- Molecular microbiology
- Antibiotic and metal resistance of microorganisms in the environment
- Long Term Ecological Research: microbiological parameters in fresh and saline waters

2012 International II level Master in “Sciences and Technology for sustainable development of contaminated sites”, University of Parma (Italy), Zhitomir State Technological University (Ukraine), University of Applied Sciences of Mittweida, (Germany).
2007 PhD in Microbial Ecology, University of Utrecht
2002 Graduated student scholarship, NIOO-Center for Limnology, The Netherlands
2001 MSc Biological Sciences, University of Catania

2003-2007: PhD Student, NIOO-Center for Limnology, The Netherlands
2006-on going: Lecturer in Environmental Microbiology at the University of Catania
2007-2008: Research collaborator, University of Catania
2008: Postdoctoral fellow, CNR - Institute for Coastal marine Environment , Messina
2010-on going: Postdoctoral fellow, CNR - Institute of Ecosystem Study, Verbania

Research interests
My fields of investigation are Bacterial and Archaeal communities of mainly aquatic systems, in particular freshwaters, and their structure and functioning. I focus my investigation on microorganisms involved in the nitrogen cycle and in the process of the oxidation of ammonia. In addition , I am involved in the ACTION 2 (Parameter and Method elaboration) of the Project “Enveurope”: Environmental quality and pressures assessment across Europe: the LTER network as an integrated and shared system for ecosystem monitoring. Finally, part of my time is dedicated to didactic activities at the University of Catania, where I am lecturer in Environmental Microbiology and also to the promotion of Microbial Ecology by the activity of Sitemicro (the Microbial Ecology Section of the Italian Ecological Society)- www.sitemicro.it

Research projects
· Niche differentiation between ammonia-oxidising bacteria and archaea in deep freshwater lakes
· Phylogeny of freshwater cyanobacteria
· Antibiotics resistance diversity in aquatic microbial communities
· Long term Ecological research analysis (Enveurope - 2010-2014 Life Enviroment Project LIFE08 ENV/IT/000339. )

Academic and Didactic Activities
· Co-founder of SItEMICRO (Italian Society of Ecology – Microbial Ecology Section)
· Editor of the SItEMICRO Newsletter and webmaster of the website
· Lecturer in Environmental Microbiology (University of Catania, Italy)

Selected publications

Denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis analysis of ammonia-oxidizing bacterial community structure in the lower Seine river: impact of Paris waster water effluent. Cebron A., Coci M., Garnier J., Laanbroek H.J. (2004). Applied Environmental Microbiology, 70: 6726-6737.

Effect of salinity on temporal and spatial dynamics of ammonia-oxidising bacteria from intertidal freshwater sediment. Coci M., Riechmann D., Bodelier P.L.E., Stefani S., Zwart G., Laanbroek H.J. (2005 ). FEMS Microbiology Ecology, 53: 359-368.

Effect of substratum on the diversity and stability of ammonia-oxidising communities in a constructed wetland used for wastewater treatment. Gorra R., Coci M., Ambrosoli R., Laanbroek H.J. (2007) Journal of Applied Microbiology, 103: 1442-1452

Epiphyton as a niche for ammonia-oxidising bacteria: detailed comparison with benthic and pelagic compartments in freshwater shallow lakes. Coci M., Bodelier P.L.E, Laanbroek H.J. (2008) Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 74: 1963-1971

Quantitative assessment of ammonia-oxidizing bacterial  communities in the epiphyton of submerged macrophytes in shallow lakes. Coci M., Nicol, G., Pilloni, G.N., Schmid, M., Bodelier P.L.E., Laanbroek, HJ. (2010) Applied and Environmental Microbiology,76: 1813-1821

PhD thesis
Coci M. (2007) Niche differentiation between ammonia-oxidizing bacteria in aquatic habitat. ISBN: 978-90-393-4706-5. On-line at: http://igitur-archive.library.uu.nl/dissertations/2007-1107-200445/UUindex.html

Research Cruises Report
Aliani S, Baldrighi E, Borghini M, Campinas-Bezerra T.N, Coci M, Conversi A, Derrico G, Gambi C, Giovannelli D, La Cono V, Manini E, Martyn M, Mc Carthy D, Mea M, Molari M, Panza M, Polonelli F, Ramirez - Llodra E, Schneider M, And Tecchio S. Biofun Cruise Report R/V Urania in The Central-Eastern Mediterranean Sea June 11 – 24, 2008. http://www.eurodeep.net/biofun/archives/category/cruises/

Yakimov M, La Cono V, Monticelli L, Maimone G, Coci M, Foraci F, Carastro V, Borghini M, Bortoluzzi G, Polonnelli F, Ferrer M, Ruggeri G, Smedile F, Papale M, Perrone T, Cardella M..
Middle 08 Cruise Report R/V Urania:  Microbiological, Oceanograhycal And Geophysical Activities in The Central-Eastern Mediterranean Sea September 24 –  October 06, 2008.