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The name Crypta Baldi comes by assonance
 from the name a famous monument of the
historic center of Rome: the 
Crypta Balbi.
This is a large portico annex the theater
built in 13 BC by Lucius Cornelius Balbus.
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In a remote corner of the garden of
the Istituto italiano di Idrobiologia
 (now ISE)
there is the ancient "ice
room" of villa De Marchi, the
building hosting the institute. This
hidden underground crypt, in the
past used to preserve food under
the ice stored there in winter, now
houses the ancient instruments of
limnology, the science developed
in this villa for over a century. The
crypt is devoted to  Edgardo Baldi,
the first director of the institute
since its foundation in 1938.

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