02 apr. 2019 - Emanuele Romano

20190402 Seminario Romano

Scientific research in the context of the hydrographic districts permanent observatories: consulting or supporting?

Presenta: Emanuele Romano

IRSA – sede di Montelibretti (ADRM1)

In the recent years, the CNR Water Research Institute is assuming an increasing role as support for public administrations, at both national and regional scale. Concerning the Hydrographic Districts, IRSA is currently involved at different levels in the activities of the Water Uses Permanent Observatories of all the Districts, except those ones of the Northern Apennine and Sardinia.
This seminar aims at presenting the activities of the Rome headquarter carried out for the Civil Protection Department, and for the Central and Southern Apennine Hydrographic Districts. Such activities have been mainly focused on: 1) characterization of drought along the impact chain from climate through meteorology, to hydrology and hydrogeology; 2) assessment of the vulnerability to drought of water supply systems; 3) development of warning systems aiming at the early detection of scarcity and shortage conditions.
Decision Support Systems developed for the DPC and currently adopted by the Hydrographic Districts will be briefly described and discussed from a scientific perspective to ask the following questions: what the role of research can be? Do we have a consultancy role, therefore answering "at the scientific best" to specific questions from District Authorities? Alternatively, do we have to participate to the decision process, which means sharing and sometimes simplifying methodologies, procedures, data to be understandable by the stakeholders? Are these two approaches irreconcilable?

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