06 feb. 2018 - Marco Isaia

20180206 Seminario Isaia

La conservazione dei ragni in Italia

Presenta: Marco Isaia

Università di Torino

Despite their ecological importance and their diversity spiders are still underrepresented in conservation policies and biology, especially compared to other invertebrate groups. We report a brief overview on spider conservation in Europe, including an outline on European Red Lists. We provide a particular focus on the conservation of spiders in Italy, with reference to the species cited by the international legislation (Macrothele calpeiana), the Italian regional legislation (Dolomedes plantarius and Argyroneta aquatica) and the IUCN Red List (D. plantarius, Hasarius adansoni, Vesubia jugorum and Pimoa delphinica). In view of the remarkable diversity of the Italian fauna, we conclude that the current conservation of spiders in Italy is largely inadequate.

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