16 Feb. 2016 - Serena Doni

20160216 Seminario Doni

Biochemical monitoring in the rehabilitation processes of soil and sediment

Presenta: Serena Doni

CNR ISE, sede di Pisa

The measurement of the activity of several enzymes in soil and sediment may be a good method for estimating the overall microbial activity and its response to recovering practices of environmental matrices. Together with biochemical methods, which provide a general measurement of soil dynamics, molecular techniques enable us to identify microbial diversity and to clarify the microbial community structure. In the last few years, many efforts have been devoted to the study of the real executors of the genome at molecular scales: the proteins. Metaproteomics studies the collective proteins from all the microorganisms belonging to a community and provides useful information about the actual functionality in relation to metabolic pathways in soil. The combination of genomic techniques with genomic products represents the new challenge of the molecular techniques applied to soil, because of it will give information about the link between microbial community-structure and soil microbial functions.

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