29 Giu. 2016 - Adam Petrusek

20160622 Seminario Petrusek

Daphnia evolutionary tales: from canyon-shaped reservoirs to Holy Land

Presenta: Adam Petrusek

Department of Ecology, Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague

Waterfleas of the genus Daphnia are important model organisms in ecological and evolutionary research, and have been studied in many aquatic environments and contexts. Dr Petrusek has been involved in numerous projects that spanned from studies of evolutionary phenomena on longitudinal environmental gradients in reservoirs (spatial patterns of genetic differentiation, interspecific hybridization, and host-parasite interactions), analyses of cryptic Daphnia diversity in European and Mediterranean waters with systematic implications, to (paleo)genetic studies of ephippial egg banks. The seminar will highlight some interesting aspects of past projects Dr Petrusek was involved in, including the discovery of the factors that lay behind the spectacular morphological structure on the picture.

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