06 giu. 2017 - Gabriele Cozzi

20170606 Seminario Cozzi

Living and moving in human-dominated landscapes: wolf recolonisation of the Swiss Alps

Presenta: Gabriele Cozzi

Università di Zurigo

As a result of increasing human pressure, many wildlife species live in modified and fragmented landscapes. To cope with these novel and constantly changing environments, cognitively complex species may develop alternative strategies. As researchers and conservationists, one of the challenges that we are facing is to understand how the interplay of natural and anthropogenic components modify our understanding of biological processes. During this seminar Gabriele Cozzi will show how including information on human acceptance can change our representation of suitable habitats for the wolf in Switzerland and how this allows researchers to more accurately predict short to medium term recolonisation processes.

Il seminario sarà in italiano, con testo in inglese.

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