1 Ott. 2013 - Roberta Bottarin

Seminar Roberta Bottarin

Temporal and longitudinal patterns of macro- and meiofauna in Rio Saldura

Presenta: Roberta Bottarin, ( EURAC Research ‐ Bolzano )

Mountain regions are proved to be particularly vulnerable to global change phenomena. The predicted temperature increase and summer precipitation decrease will likely lead to drier conditions in the Alps. The dry inner alpine Mazia Valley (South Tyrol, Italy) was chosen to study the eco-hydrological response of mountain ecosystems to climate change. Within several trans-disciplinary projects, experimental, monitoring and modeling activities have been combined. One of these studies focuses on the longitudinal and temporal patters of two biological communities (benthic marcofauna and hyporreic meiofauna) of Rio Saldura (BZ), the perennial glacier stream and tributary of the Adige River. Samples of have been integrated by chemico-physical analysis of surficial as well as interstitial waters in order to correlate community composition, diversity and environmental variables.

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