29 Ago. 2014 - Mustafa Sari

Seminar Mustafa Sari

Pearl Mullet Fisheries and Management in Lake Van, Eastern Turkey

Presenta: Mustafa Sari - (Fisheries Faculty, Yuzuncu Yil University, Van, Turkey)

The pearl mullet is the endemic fish species that can survive in the salty and alkaline waters of Lake Van. Lake Van is overing an area of 3712 km , with mean depth of 171 m, maximum depth of 451 m, and 1648 m above sea level, this is Turkey’s largest lake. Its waters are extremely alkaline and salty. The lake’s biological diversity is significantly different from both fresh and salt waters. Its phytoplankton resources consist of 103 species belonging to the Diatome, Bacteriophyta, Cynophyta, Chlorophyta, Flagellate and Phaeophyta groups, and its zooplankton resources include 36 species from the Rotatoria, Cladocera and Copepod groups. The pearl mullet (Chalcalburnus tarichi, Pallas 1811), a species belonging to the Cyprinidae family, is the only fish that can survive in Lake Van. The pearl mullet is a migrating species. Although it generally lives in the lake, it immigrates to the surrounding freshwater rivers for reproduction purposes and returns to Lake Van after the reproduction period.

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