Staff [Bioenergy and high value products from microalgae]

Bioenergy and high value products from microalgae
Name TopicPosition
Torzillo Giuseppe   Head of the Section Group leader Renewable energy (hydrogen) Permanent researcher
Faraloni Cecilia   Growth physiology Permanent researcher
Pietro Carlozzi   Photosynthetic bacteria Permanent researcher
Sili Claudio   Systematics Microalgae and cyanobacteria Associated researcher
Chini-Zittelli Graziella   Mass cultivation Permanent researcher
Silva Margarita   Bioactive molecules Visiting professor
Edoardo Pinzani   (Culture control and management) Mass cultivation Permanent technician
Masojidek Jiri   Growth physiology and mass culture Visiting prof (Bilateral project: CNR/AVCR)
Kopecky Jiri   Chemical analysis of biomass Visiting scientist (CNR/AVCR)